【Popular Gangan Steaming】 Everybody Convinced Kaiiri Meal Course
4500 yen

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- Today's appetizer platter

· Kaori Random Salad

· This is the main character of Kai sheri! Large grain raw oyster

· Three shells of today's scallops

· Brilliant! Steamed shellfish 3 points gangan

· Cooked rice with shellfish

· Miso soup of Aoza

- Today's dessert

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  • 【Limited time offer】 All cups including sake including all kinds of drinks All drinks available in the restaurant All you can drink 1980 yen

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      At the time of booking and when visiting
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      Other coupons and services can not be used together / 1 group / 1 group OK / 1 person hood 1 order will be subject / separate sending fee 380 yen will be charged

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of December 2017