【Seasonal taste! Natural dish shabu-nabe banquet course】 All 6 items 4500 yen!
By using a coupon4500 yen

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Because it is natural, it is the body of the body, the glue of the greens, it is totally different! Please enjoy it! It is irresistible for drinking sake !! Of course, the large grain raw oysters are also attached!

【Seasonal taste! Natural dish shabu-nabe banquet course】 All 6 items 4500 yen!

· First two points

· One large oyster per person! (For those who can not eat oysters, change to oysters.)

· Assorted sashimi

· Shiba-yaki

· Natural first baked shababotsu pan

- Porridge

◇ + 1500 yen for 2.5 hours with regular all-you-can-drink (30 minutes before LO)

◇ + 1980 yen for 2.5 hours All drinks in the shop All you can drink (30 minutes before LO) ※ coupon price

* Shells such as oysters in the course can be changed.You can also change other dishes.(Negotiable)

※ Regarding usage such as anniversary, birthday, etc., we will cooperate with surprises etc. Kaori is cheering for the secretary from the bottom of my heart!

※ We are waiting for consultation from any small matter!

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  • 【Limited time offer】 All cups including sake including all kinds of drinks All drinks available in the restaurant All you can drink 1980 yen

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